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Absolutely All our hand decanted fragrances and products are 100% authentic and genuine. Purchased from authorized vendors or directly from the manufacturers themselves. We do not sell fake fragrances, knockoffs or imitations. We also do not compromise, change or alter the fragrances original state in any way. We simply transfer the liquid into a new bottle. DISCLAIMER: is a completely independent and separate entity from the manufacturers and/or brand owners of the niche and designer fragrances we carry. guarantee’s that the content available through us is genuine product(s) independently re-bottled and repackaged by We are not affiliated or associated in any way with the brand, designer or designer’s manufacturer, and we do not have any agreement(s) authorizing us to re-bottle or repackage the fragrances.

A decant is another name for the vial (or sample bottle). Decanting means to transfer liquid from one place to another. We decant fragrances from their original bottle into smaller sample sized formats. 

In a sterilized-aseptic space, we carefully hand decant each sample made to order. With a sterile syringe, we measure and transfer the liquid from the original retail bottle into the smaller format. The decanting process is delicate, and we are cautious not to compromise, affect, or alter the fragrances original state. 

We decant fragrances because it’s the best way to find out if you really like a fragrance before purchasing a big and expensive bottle. Our sample sizes are perfect to travel with so you can always have your favorite perfume with you! It’s also a fun and exciting way to own a wide variety of incredible scents without spending a lot of money! 

1. Browse through our selection of Designer & Niche fragrances.

2. Choose the decant/sample size you want to try.

3. “Add to cart”

4. Select your payment method and you’re all set! 5. Enjoy your fragrance!

You get to choose which size you want! The decants / samples sizes we have available: 2ml , 5ml,8ml ,10ml , 15ml & 30ml

This depends largely on how much fragrance you use daily. Each sample size has an approximate amount of sprays per bottle. • 5ml = approx 75 sprays • 10ml = approx 150 sprays

The shelf life of a sample fragrance is about 3-6 months depending on where & how you store your fragrance.

It is always best to keep perfume in cool, dark and/or dry places. Avoid direct sunlight and intense moisture. Common places to store your sample would be a drawer, closet, or cabinet. Keeping your sample upright will avoid chances of leakage.

What is Eau De Cologne (EDC)?

Eau De Cologne is the most diluted version of fragrance or perfume, usually 2% to 5% of perfume oil. These Eau De Colognes generally tend to be splash kind of perfumes.

What is Eau De Toilette (EDT)?

These are lighter still but generally most of the department store fragrances tend to be Eau De Toilette with a few being Eau De Parfum. Generally 4% to 15% perfume oil goes into an Eau De Toilette and are certainly stronger and last longer than Eau De Colognes.

What is Eau De Parfum (EDP)?

Eau De Parfum is stronger than Eau De Toilette and of course much stronger than Eau De Cologne. Normally the perfume concentration that goes into making Eau De Parfum is 10% to 20%.

What is Extrait De Parfum or Pure Perfume?

Extrait De Parfum or just Perfume is the strongest concentration of perfume you can purchase. Perfumes generally tend to contain 15% to 40% of perfume oils and tend to last a lot longer than Eau De Parfums and much longer than Eau De Toilette’s and Eau De Cologne’s. 

Yes! Each one is individually labelled with the Size & name of the fragrance .  

You will receive an authentic fragrance that has been hand decanted into a sample size. The decanted fragrance is 100% authentic, hand decanted from the original retail bottle, made to order just for you! The samples come in a glass vial equipped with a spray top for the best application. Each sample will be professionally labelled and packed with care.

Yes! The size options of the decants are all below TSA regulations and requirements. We use high grade glass bottles, they are delicate yet sturdy!

We Do Free shipping over 30$ For USA Only & We Ship International .

Shipping typically takes between 5-7 business days. We can’t completely guarantee the exact amount of time, as sometimes the postal service has delays that we can’t control.

You can view all your order information including your tracking info within your account. Simply login to your account, view all your orders, go into the order and the tracking will be associated with the order. Also you will received an email notification with the order number and the tracking number one is ship out

Please Contact us directly at  OR  if you have any issue with your order and we do our best to resolve it within 24 hours

Yes, if the order has not been shipped out, you can cancel the order. If the order has already shipped yet you requested a cancellation before the shipping date & time, we will accept the return of the unopened/original package, however we will not pay the return shipping cost. The cost to return an order that was cancelled will be your responsibility. Once we receive the cancelled order back in stock, we will check it out and then refund you.

All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).

If you receive a damaged product in the mail, don’t worry- we will issue you a replacement! Please email us with the details and attach a picture of the product as you received it. *Replacements will only be issued with a picture of the damage provided* Please email us with the details and attach a picture of the product as you received it. *Replacements will only be issued with a picture of the damage provided*



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